Adobe Generator Game Workflow

So I guess Adobe announced this yesterday:

Along with tight integration with the Loom Game Engine. Pretty sweet! This is actually the first compelling reason I’ve seen to upgrade from my Photoshop 5.1. In my current pipeline, I use a similar (manual) script written using Photoshop’s javascript api to export all my layers (which I talked about a little bit here). The reveal mentions that make up Generator are all open source and available for tinkering, so it could be possible to merge the two at some point.

Things that are awesome:

  • Generator runs all the time, no need to manually hit export
  • Added script access for things like layer bounds (currently hide all other layers, trim, take that size, then muck with the history to revert)
  • Generator assumes that no layers/groups will be exported — layers/groups must be tagged with a file extension to get the export treatment.  (This is the opposite of my less-flexible system, where I export all layers except those named “guide” — also I don’t do any group-exporting, which is a nice idea).
  • The only metadata Generator supports is image/export/size options. I sort of do the same thing with file sizes (assume I’m working retina and also export the non-retina shrunken versions). But I also support things like buttons with up/down states.
  • It’s all based on Node.js and has a plugin system to do other stuff besides asset generation…

Now I’m going to have to think hard about upgrading to the CC subscription (at least for Photoshop).


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