Welcome to the awkward 3rd-person description.┬áSimianLogic is the web pseudonym for Will Hankinson. ┬áThe extra “studios” tacked on the domain is just his way of making him feel more legitimate. He has an undergraduate degree in Film Studies from UGA and an MS in Digital Media from Georgia Tech. He watches a hell of a lot of movies, works at a start-up, and tinkers around on the side doing his own sites and games. To see a list of games (and perhaps play a few), click on the “Games” tab. If you want to see a list of sites he’s worked on (or, at least, those he’s willing to admit), click on the “Websites” tab.

Though he prefers to work on his own stuff, Will is a big fan of money and has taken on several contract jobs in the past. If you’d like to license one of his games or bug him about doing a custom game, mosey on over to the Contact page and send him an email.