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How to Fix Rejection From Amazon App Store for Wrong AIR Download URL

I just got a fairly form-letterish rejection from the Amazon App Store:

When pointing to other apps or websites from within your app, including up-sells, ratings, version updates, or upgrades, our published policy calls for the completion of purchase to be from Amazon.

Steps to reproduce this issue as it appears in this app:

1. Install and launch the app.
2. A pop-up appears stating “This application requires Adobe AIR”.
3. Tap on “Install”.
4. It links to Google play.

To point to a specific app, the Download URL must be[packagename] (where [package name] is your package name). The link will become active when the app is live in our store. If you want to link to the list of all your applications on Amazon use the URL[packagename]&showAll=1.

Please correct the issue(s) we found with your app submission.

After Googling around for a half hour or so, I ended up finding a lot of forum posts complaining about this issue… but mostly dating from when the Amazon App Store was brand new and everyone was building their AIR apps on the command line. As this postmentions, there’s actually an ADT flag called “airDownloadURL” which specifies where the Install link will take users.

Seeing as I use Flash Builder and not the command line compiler, this is of no help whatsoever. I did manage to find a reference in my .actionscriptProperties to “airDownloadURL” — but had no idea if that would actually fix it in the final build. Re-submitting an app to see if a bug is fixed is a pretty slow update loop… but luckily I noticed this screen while exporting this time around:

derp derp derp

Yep, doesn’t get more derpy than that. To be fair, almost all of the Flash Builder Chrome says “Google Android”, so the alternative download URL on the Play store doesn’t seemĀ anomalousĀ in the least until you get a rejection letter. I did read Amazon’s native extension documentation fairly closely–you’d think they might mention this in big bold letters somewhere if this is a common rejection reason.

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