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Napa, Thanksgiving, and a New Theme

Not much activity in the last couple of weeks, so I thought I’d do a little update post. I made another game. I’d say it’s around 95% done (just need to do a bit of visual polish and grab some sound effects), but I’ll save that one for a post of its own once I get some sponsors ironed out (or publish without). A friend was in town a couple of weekends ago, so my roommate, her, and I all headed up to Napa Valley. Two of my friends had birthdays on Monday, so I thought some decent wine would be a good gift. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mango Salsa

I made this recipe for dinner last night, and I have to say–it was pretty fantastic. The level of involvement required to prepare my food has dropped off a bit in the last few months–which isn’t to say I’ve been eating out a lot. Most of the meals I’ve been making have been of the “throw it in the oven and come back in an hour” variety. The fish part of the recipe was dirt simple, but the true star is the mango salsa (which I’ve had in restaurants before, but never tried to make). Read the rest of this entry »


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Sunburn and Cafe Baklava

I went camping over the weekend–a yearly canoe trip that my roommate last summer invited me on. We drove up to Alexander Valley on Friday night, canoed down the Russian River on Saturday, and hung out at a winery (and played Bocci Ball) on Sunday. Despite the title, I actually did a pretty good job of sunscreen application–meaning I’m not suffering too bad.

Last night, Diana took the train home. I met her in Mountain View and we wandered around looking for a place to eat. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nami Nami

Diana and I had dinner with a friend of hers from UPenn yesterday. Her friend chose a place in downtown Mountain View called Nami Nami. All I knew going into it was that it was a Japanese restaurant. It was decently fancy ($190 with tip for the three of us), but quite unlike anything I’ve ever had before– “kappo style” is what this article called it. The article also mentions that the dishes are seasonal, but there were so many things on the menu that it seems like it would take at least three visits to try everything from one “season.” Rather than real “entrees” there were lots of smaller tapas-style dishes. I don’t remember all of the ones we got, but I’ll try to at least describe a few. Read the rest of this entry »


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