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Speed up Flash Builder’s global search when using git

I’ve been working on a few new games lately and the speed of Flash Builder’s global search has been getting worse and worse and worse. You can restrict the search to only .as files, but every now and then I mix in xml or json or even txt files and this seems like something that would only frustrate me in the future.

Today I finally noticed what was slowing it down: scanning the .git folder. It doesn’t actually find any matches in there except for what’s in your commit messages, but there are hundreds and hundreds of resources that it spends time scanning. There are two possible solutions to this:

1) When creating your flash builder project, do it one directory down from your git repo (i.e. if your .git folder is a level above your Flash Builder project, it’ll never see it).

2) Flash Builder (and Eclipse, I guess, by extension) allows you to mark folders as “derived”, which it will then exclude from the global search. The only hiccup is that Flash Builder doesn’t show you hidden folders in the Package Explorer. You can trick it, though–do a global search that will find something in one of your commit messages. Right click on the .git folder in the search results window and you can select properties (and mark .git as a derived folder).

Search is fast again! Woohoo.


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