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Insoshi, Meet Heroku

(Images lost in the Great Update of 2009)

When I read about insoshi on Mashable and TechCrunch this morning, it got my mind buzzing… and immediately my thoughts turned to another Y Combinator startup–Heroku. I’ve been using Heroku for quite awhile now, and both my fondness for Ruby on Rails and my disdain (so far) for Google’s Big Table make it my prototyping engine of choice for the time being. The integration is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but here’s a quick and dirty way to get an insoshi install running on Heroku (assuming you have an acccount):

First Steps

  1. Download the insoshi tarball
  2. Create a new heroku app
  3. Import the insoshi tarball (how convenient is it that the heroku app importer wants a tarball!)
  4. Run rake db:migrate (this will run a ton of migrations… once complete you can press escape to close the little popup)
  5. Run rake install (this will create the default preferences file and the default forum.

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