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Grill… check. Electric bicycle? Maybe

(Image lost in the Great Update of 2009)

In my mind, practically all the reasons you’d want to own a house instead of rent an apartment lie in the back yard: a grill, a small garden, and space for a dog to run around during the day. With it being Memorial Day weekend, I couldn’t wait any longer to knock item #1 off my list. I’m from Atlanta, birthplace of the Big Green Egg–and my dad has had one for probably 10 years now. They’re expensive, but they pretty much blow all the other grills I’ve seen out of the water. I was lucky to find a BGE store locally (the aptly named Eggs by the Bay). The BGE corporate website listed a few distributors that were closer to my new house in Redwood City, but for me it was worth it to drive a little further to give a sale to a small business. The extra driving was rewarded, incidentally. The owner had the large Egg I wanted, but but not the large-sized table for it. He was nice enough to loan me a nest (basically metal legs for the grill) until he could get the table in–plus a few days to allow me to paint and lacquer the new table. I sincerely doubt that any large specialty retailer would’ve been willing to do the same. The Eggs by the Bay store is actually having a sale later in the summer for gently used demo eggs (basically used for their one-day barbecue festival), but forgoing any grilling for an entire month+ just to save $100 or so wasn’t quite worth it for me. Besides, my economic stimulus check was burning a hole in my pocket (though that only covered about half of it…). Read the rest of this entry »

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Will Design Games For Car

Almost the same day I sprained my ankle, I noticed my car acting a little funny. Last Tuesday, I took it in to get the transmission and the breaks looked at… and the diagnosis wasn’t good. Well, sort of. There was definitely something wrong with the transmission, and it would’ve been another $680 to pull the transmission out just to finish diagnosing what’s wrong with it. I didn’t think the whole car was worth $680, so I decided it was better spent adding to the down payment on the next one. I took most of the money I’ve made off of Filler so far–and some that it hasn’t made yet–and put five grand down on a new ’08 Honda Element EX. That’s what emergency funds are for, right? Read the rest of this entry »


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Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008

It was a pretty busy year–I finished my Master’s thesis, graduated, moved to California, and started a new job. I got my passport and went to Greece for two weeks. I released one (albeit not very entertaining) game, learned a load about the flash game business in general, and won a BarCamp application contest (for Bike vs Car). I took up biking to work,went kayaking a lot, fishing a couple of times, hiking a lot, and camping a lot–and I’m actually in better shape now than I was a year ago at this time. I consolidated my student loans, opened an IRA, started putting a little money onto Prosper, and just yesterday opened a high-interest savings account at WaMu. Though it’s not a new development, she’d kick me if I didn’t mention that I have a fantastic girlfriend.

In short, I lead a pretty charmed life. I was trying to think up resolutions yesterday and all I could think of was to keep on doing what I’m doing. After sleeping on it, I figured I could enumerate that a little better. So here are some concrete goals for 2008:

  • Finish paying down my college credit card (high interest), which is still sitting at around $1800.
  • Put as much into my Roth IRA as possible before April
  • Max out the full amount for next year.
  • Put $100 a month into Prosper
  • Bike to work at least two days a week on average (but aim for three)
  • Catch a fish in California
  • Release six flash games (including the one I’m hoping to publish later in January)
  • Work on a design document for my first downloadable game (more on that later)

I could do a whole other set of goals for Piqqem, but I’ll leave that for the bosses and just focus on making my stuff work great (though we’ll be having a planning meeting sometime after everyone on the team gets back to California).

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Napa, Thanksgiving, and a New Theme

Not much activity in the last couple of weeks, so I thought I’d do a little update post. I made another game. I’d say it’s around 95% done (just need to do a bit of visual polish and grab some sound effects), but I’ll save that one for a post of its own once I get some sponsors ironed out (or publish without). A friend was in town a couple of weekends ago, so my roommate, her, and I all headed up to Napa Valley. Two of my friends had birthdays on Monday, so I thought some decent wine would be a good gift. Read the rest of this entry »

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