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Insoshi, Meet Heroku

(Images lost in the Great Update of 2009)

When I read about insoshi on Mashable and TechCrunch this morning, it got my mind buzzing… and immediately my thoughts turned to another Y Combinator startup–Heroku. I’ve been using Heroku for quite awhile now, and both my fondness for Ruby on Rails and my disdain (so far) for Google’s Big Table make it my prototyping engine of choice for the time being. The integration is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but here’s a quick and dirty way to get an insoshi install running on Heroku (assuming you have an acccount):

First Steps

  1. Download the insoshi tarball
  2. Create a new heroku app
  3. Import the insoshi tarball (how convenient is it that the heroku app importer wants a tarball!)
  4. Run rake db:migrate (this will run a ton of migrations… once complete you can press escape to close the little popup)
  5. Run rake install (this will create the default preferences file and the default forum.

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BarCamp and Bike vs Car

My friend Annie and I went to a BarCamp over the weekend. I’d never heard of them before, but it wasn’t too hard to talk me into an all night programming event. A BarCamp is sort of like a grass-roots conference where the participants are also the ones who present little mini-modules. This one had an UX application design contest, some speakers from Facebook, and a guy from Amazon. The details on the wiki (and Facebook group, which is where Annie heard about it) were a little sparse,but we understood it to be an overnight programming contest–where you start an app at night and present your results the following afternoon. Read the rest of this entry »

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Subversion and Rails

Dreamhost (the host I’m using to play around with Ruby on Rails) doesn’t support multiple production environments (out of the box anyway), but I’ve sort of found a solution. When I registered with DH, I got my one free domain–after racking my brain for days, I finally settled on one that I wasn’t super thrilled with…but good enough. About a week after registration, I of course came up with a much better name.

After registering the second domain, I started working on setting up a subversion repository. Being somewhat new with Unix, SVN, and Rails… it’s taken me a couple of days (well, a couple of hours each day for a couple of days) to get everything configured properly. I’ve now got domain #1 working as the development environment, domain #2 working in production mode, the databases set up for both, and both directories acting as a Working Copy. The rough plan is to make all my changes to the Dev environment, commit the changes, then–when satisfied–just roll over to the production side and run an update. It’s a pretty simple usage of Subversion…but hey, I’m the only developer.

All the databases and pages are purely temporary while I play around with rails before starting actual production, so unfortunately I’ll probably have to delete all this stuff and start over from scratch later. I haven’t read up on Capistrano at all, but I might investigate it before wiping everything. Progress on personal projects gets a little slow once you join the real world!

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Ruby on Rails

The 4th of July isn’t really a resolution-type holiday, but I’ve been neglecting my desire to play around with ruby on the side.  So, now that the food coma has worn off (mmm, barbeque), I’m going to try to spend at least one night a week playing with Flex/Ruby just for fun.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Billster… well, sort of.

At work, I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time with Flex’s charting components. Eventually I want to move in to doing more of the Ruby on Rails stuff, too, though–so I’ve been trying to think of projects I could do on the side as a kind of warm-up diversion. Being new at the whole making money thing, I thought it would be cool to make a little finance-tracking tool with a few basic features… Read the rest of this entry »


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